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Capital invite and the fight to varsity once agian

Well Capitol invite in Washington, was fun. I liked running with just my sex and class. Our freshman girl is kicking butt!!! Dude she's beating me! She's going to rock for years to come. I'm so excited to help others. I just want people to see why this sport menas the world to me.
According to all our times I came in 8th on the team. Grant it was a fast short(2 miler) race, I hate flats, so hey two ups one down and there I am.
Tomarrow I have a tri-race. It's agianst mark mores and Fort Vancouver. Niether have compliet teams, but fast fast kinds non-the-less. But it's on our home course. and as I have last posted, our course is the hardest in the district.
oh and back to capitol, we beat some of the nationally ranked teams members!!! How cool is that? We are sooo totally going to kick some butt this year!!! Yeehaa I am soooooo excited, Lets run now? now? How about now?
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