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Hey whats up everyone!?

Hey everyone! Im new to this, but this group looks awesome! Let me tell ya'll a little about me. I just currently graduated with my AA from BC, and looking forward to later attending CSU-Fresno. I am also a cadet with the Fresno State Air Force ROTC and I am short of 2 years from getting a commision and hopefully a pilot slot. I have been running track and cross country for a long time and love to compete. I have learn many things about running in my many years of competing in both the West and East coasts. So if any you have questions hit me up!

1)Name:Joseph "joe" Carrillo
2)Graduated from Bakersfield College!
3)Age: 20
4)Teams:HS-Highland Scots, Southern Virgina Univ. Knights, Bakersfield College Renegades
5)Years running XC: 8
6)why did I start running? A girl... I know many of you might be thinking that's not much of a reason, but thats mainly how I got started in jr high (7th grade). A cute girl that I met was on the team so I thought I do it to impress her. Didnt work, but I ended lovin the sport. I was only sprinter since 6th grade and wasnt a long distance runner till that one day. I began to run long distance track when i was a freshman at Highland.
7)Favorite running weather: A cool breeze which is almost impossible here during the summer which is mainly in the 100's, but if in Virginia- rain with a group of friends.
8)Team accomplishments:
HS-Central Section Valley Champs Div 2, All-Area team, CA.Top 12 (Fall 2001)
Southern Virginia Univ.-2nd in Nationals (NAIA), Won some invitationals Fall 2002
Bakersfield College- Top 5 So. Cal (Fall 2003)

I love running cross country more than track, and currently im an assistant coach for a local highschool here in Bakersfield, so if any of you need help with workouts or just want to talk to me about my acomplishments or XC just send me a message. Hope ya'll have an awesome season!
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