Dub, M1ch3ll3, Squanto (oceangrey) wrote in xc_runn3rs,
Dub, M1ch3ll3, Squanto

Yo yo yo

Hey yall, Seaside was great. Hung out with old graduated cxc runners. They had the drums agian!!! Really makes for a fast start and finish. I ran white course, It's flat but long and boring, really makes you think about pain over anything else. The other two courses, red and blue go through a mud puddle, I did that my soph year, fun fun fun. After my race I sat on the side and watched people fall in the mud and I got mudder than some of those runners, sheesh, so much for staying out of it. I came in 80th out of 200. Woot. Our team got third yay!!! and well hey seaside is a blast whats better than running on the beach with your beloved team? So yeah hawaii kids came over agian and some from cali and other places. neat neat. I love that race. I love it, I love it, I love it!!!!!
Over and out
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