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Disappointments and growing up.

Well we went to Washington clark county districts. I go to a 2-3A school. Camas. Girls didn't make it to state. I finished in the top 30. We ran all within 2 minutes of each other. 19minutes to 23ish minutes. We ran fast, hard and did our best. We didn't make it to stat as a team though. We lost by 16 points to yelm(all numbers are rough estimates). Kyann our number one runner, qualified individually. She came in secound a hard loss for her. She was going fo first. Damn Yelm, you girls are good. So xc is over for me. I'm not sure if I'll be running for Calrk next year or not. I don't know if I'll even be running for track this year. My senior year. My last. It's actually starting to rub in. It's takin' it's time hasn't it? I ran a 22 something for the race. We ran at st. matins college. new district course and my whole team ran excelent. we did our best what more could we ask for. they ran better harder. sad we your best isn't good enough, very disharting. but thats the way it is. I guess. Well at least Kyann gets to go to state and I get to eat onion rings and hot fudge covered ice cream!!! It's over and done with. Like Kyann says, you only get 15 minutes to dwell with it. at this is my last ten minutes of dwelling ;). Well good luck to all you runners out there, I'll stay in touch to give advice and tips. :)

~Over and out
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